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Mutual Funds Research

Top Performing Mutual Funds
Scheme Name 1 Year Return(%) 3 Years Return(%) 5 Years Return(%)
71.04 32.21 25.53
56.49 25.52 -
49.49 22.4 16.46
43.9 19.25 15.73
44.1 19.08 15.87
Top Performing Systematic Investment Plan
Scheme Name Invested Amount Current Value 5 Years Return(%)
180000 385219.43 31.91
180000 298355.22 20.92
180000 290125.81 19.74
180000 285135.71 19.01
180000 279975.75 18.24
Top Mutual Funds in India - Lump sum returns
Scheme Name Invested Amount Current Value 5 Years Return(%)
10000 31174.87 25.52
10000 22463.46 17.56
10000 21423.28 16.45
10000 20887.1 15.86
10000 20762.76 15.72

Mutual Funds

With a slew of offerings, from private / public sector, matching ones risk and return profile becomes a cumbersome task. We help you with suggestions on the scheme/s based on sound rationale.

Life and general insurance

Assets, whether life or non life, whether quantified or not, require coverages to safeguard against income, family or business obligations for continuation. We shall help you understand from the maze of products offering and provide suitable choices to provide security.

Tax saving products

Income tax laws in India allow savings and investments in various products, which can be a complex affair for a layman. We shall help you go through the details matching and help reduce you and your family's tax liability.

Commodities trading

Accepted by High Net Worth IndIans (HNWI), a riskier proposition with skewed returns.


What are Balanced Advantage Funds

Balanced Advantage Funds are a type of hybrid mutual funds which follow dynamic asset allocation strategy. Hybrid funds invest in multiple asset classes e.g. equity, debt, gold, real estate etc. As per SEBI’s mandate Balanced Advantage Funds...

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What are Equity Linked Savings Schemes and their benefits

Of the various Tax saving options under Section 80C of Income Tax Act 1961, mutual fund Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) have the maximum wealth creation potential over a long investment...

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SIP in Mutual Fund: Best dates to do mutual fund SIPs

Every day we get numerous queries of multiple natures pertaining to mutual funds in Advisorkhoj.com. Queries range from questions regarding mutual fund schemes, asset allocation, lump sum or Systematic Investment...

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